01 November, 2006

The Hala Show Taboo

I know this comment is comming a little too late, but I just read this article and I just had to comment on it because it made me feel angry. This is yet another example of how double-faced our society is becoming and how untolerant and un-willing to participate in any kid of positive discussion we have become. I'm talking about the letter that 200 people sent to the rotana channel demanding the resignation or firing of Hala Sarhan because of the nature of contraversial subjects she is discussing in her show on the channel.

First, I don't know how difficult it is for some people to just change the channel if they don't like what they're watching on the TV. It is impossible for everything that is shown on the TV to abide by the hight "moral?" standards of all the people watching because by default it is being shown to a very wide segment of people, if they like it thats good, if they don't, they don't have to! It is their right to change the channel and watch something else that is more to their tast and standards. But if everbody demands the stopping of every show that discusses issues he doesn't necessarily agree with then there is not going to be anything left to watch!

Secondly, I'm one of the very few people who say they don't like Hala Sarhan and actually don't watch her shows! I didn't see the one that spurred all that controversy but its the reaction that has stunt me! I respect Hala and think that she's very brave for discussing such subjects that nobody else on TV dares to come even close to, its her way of talking that really annoys me, I dislike her as a person not as a professional if that makes any sense to anybody! If she's going to talk about prostitutes in Egypt, why not? Isn't there prostitutes in Egypt? Haven't you been to the street before? Hellooo! She didn't just create this issue for the sake of discussion! It is a problem that the community suffers and if we are going to do anything about we have to discuss it and see who are these people and what are their problems in order to fix them and prevent more people from doing the same again, but this is in an ideal community...

I don't think that anything that has been discussed on TV has ever changed anything or solved any problems and thats why it really bugs me whent these actresses and actors go on saying that they are going to "discuss a problem" in their dumbass series "يعالجو المشكلة" as they always like to say... but thats not the issue here, the issue is that these people, the respected ones ofcourse, have the right to disect the society and show us the rotten things that are living inside in order for us to become aware of it and try to solve it.

At the end of the article it discusses the issue of openly discussing safe sex on TV and trying to enforce it as a subject in the schools. I personally have no problem with this and maybe even encourage it, to tell you the truth, it is something that teenagers have to hear about from somewhere and in our society, I don't think that parents are willing to openly discuss this kind of stuff with their kids so if there's a reliable source of information about it, why attack it? especially when it comes to using birth control, which the Egyptians have to seriously start considering! Its one thing for a teenager to have sex -and in the case of girls bring shame to their family forever! :)- but it is going to be much less of a headache if it doesn't develop into a pregnancy issue which our society handles and a disasterous way either way... Drop all the pretexts of social right and wrong and think about it objectively and you will find that I'm right. I don't think that now you can preven teenagers from doing whatever they want to do, so you might as well teach him how to do it right so it wont distroy their future!

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