18 November, 2006

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If you try and don't succeed, cheat. Repeat until caught. Then lie.

17 November, 2006

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"Science is facts; just as houses are made of stones, so is science made of facts; but a pile of stones is not a house and a collection of facts is not necessarily science. " - Henri Poincaré

16 November, 2006

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"Of all the things I've loved and lost, I miss my mind the most." - Mark Twain

15 November, 2006

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"If at first you don't succeed, failure may be your style. " - Quentin Crisp

14 November, 2006

Zero Point Energy

I found this very useful website, I was searching the net for a very long time for something similar. A lot of good documentaries are here and with very good quality, mostly about 9/11 but skip to the end of the page and you'll find a lot of even more interesting documentaries.

Make sure you check the one on "Zero Point Energy" which is what I was looking for in the first place... I first knew about this a little more than two months ago and it is still mind boggling to me.

click here to go to the site

On My Bed!

Here is yet another thing I don't get about women...

I was just watching "Ed TV" on mbc2, great movie, anyways, there's this scene where his mother tells him, Ed, that his father was cheating on her, not only that, no, it was "in her bed"!!!

So here's what I don't get, cheating is bad, I totally agree. Married men shouldn't do it. But, when it happens, does it really make any difference where? How is cheating in "your bed" much worse than cheating anywhere else? I mean, here you're with this hot chick, you're both ready to commit sin, where do you go? Her place is a mess, I don't know, its too late to go to a hotel, its going to show up on your credit card report or whatever and its gonna get you in trouble, there are like a million reasons for a man, if he's going to cheat, to do it in a "familiar place"! He knows where the drinks are, he knows where the food is, he's gotta wake up early and go to work and he needs to take a shower, I personally love my shower, I don't like taking showers in a strange bathroom!! There's your clean clothes and stuff... The only problem is, she knows where you live now and if anything goes wrong, you're screwed!

So, ladies, I don't see the importance of "the bed" here, what if he did in on the kitchen floor, is "he did on my floor, the damn bastard?". Is it just the bed or is any place in the house also a "no go zone".

And guys... we gotta stick together, I have always wanted to have "The Guy Code". A manual for such weird social and relationship stuff and what is the standard procedure in such situations. And one important chapter in this book should be "Cheating", cause, women are bending our hands here over this "cheating" thing and I think we need to go UN over them and make a clear definition of "cheating". Is kissing cheating? Is kissing Sandra Bullock cheating? If I had the chance, I don't care who am I going out with, I have to kiss her!! And what about when you're outside the country or the city? What exactly is cheating? Cause we need to end this thing once and for all.

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Don't follow in my footsteps, because I run into a lot of walls.

The Greatest Secret In Modern History

The Greatest Secret in Modern History
UFOs and a Solution to the Environmental and Energy Crisis

The Cover-up: UFOs

Mercury & Gemini Astronaut, Colonel Gordon Cooper
A saucer flew right over [us] and landed out on the dry lakebed. [The cameramen] went out with their cameras towards the UFO. I had a chance to hold [the film] up to the window to look at it. Good close-up shots. There was no doubt in my mind that it was someplace other than on this Earth. -- Video interview. Transcribed in Disclosure, Steven M. Greer, MD., ed., pp. 226 - 227.

FAA Division Chief of Accidents and Investigations, John Callahan
The UFO was bouncing around the 747....Well, I've been involved in a lot of cover-ups with the FAA. When we gave the presentation to the Reagan staff, they had all those people swear that this never happened. But they never had me swear it never happened. I've got a videotape. I've got the voice tape. I've got the reports that were filed. -- Video interview and Disclosure, pp. 80 - 85.

Russian Air Force, Space Communications Center, General Vasily Alexeyev
They came up with a table with pictures of all the shapes of UFOs that had ever been recorded - about fifty….The study of UFOs may reveal some new forms of energy to us, or at least bring us closer to a solution. -- Disclosure, pp. 345 - 347.

Former Director of CIA, Admiral R.H. Hillenkoetter
Behind the scenes, high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about the UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense. To hide the facts, the Air Force has silenced its personnel. -- The New York Times, Sunday, February 28, 1960: "Air Force Order on 'Saucers' Cited," p. L30. See also Disclosure, p. 58.

Corporate Manager of Fairchild Industries, Spokesperson for Wernher Von Braun, Dr. Carol Rosin
Von Braun [rocket science pioneer] told me [in 1974] the reasons for space-based weaponry were all based on a lie. He said the strategy was that first the Russians, then the terrorists are going to be considered the enemy. The next enemy was asteroids. "The last card is the alien card, and all of it is a lie."….I was at a meeting in Fairchild Industries in the War Room. The conversation [was] about how they were going to antagonize these enemies, and there was going to be a Gulf War. Now this is 1977! -- pp. 255 - 259.

More Cover-up: Advanced Technologies Developed from UFOs

US Marine Corps, Captain Bill Uhouse
The [flight] simulator was for the extraterrestrial craft they had - a 30 meter one that crashed in Kingman, Arizona, back in 1953. I was inside the actual alien craft for a start-up. There are probably two or three dozen [flying saucers] that we built. -- Disclosure, pp. 384, 385.

US Army, Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering, Colonel Thomas E. Bearden
Probably 50 inventors have invented [virtually cost-free energy systems]. If we use these systems, we can clean up this biosphere. But the entire structure of science, industry, and the patent office are against you….The more powerful the agency, the more they resort not only to legal, but to extra-legal means to suppress their competition. -- Disclosure, pp. 534-542. See also www.cheniere.org.

Disclosure Project, Founder and Director, Steven M. Greer, M.D.
The situation is so dire that senior Joint Chiefs of Staff leaders in the Pentagon who I have briefed have no more access to such projects than any other civilian-unless they are on the 'inside.' The government is really quite outside the loop. We have insiders and scientists who can prove that we do in fact possess energy generation systems capable of completely and permanently replacing all forms of currently used energy generation and transportation systems. Every single person who is concerned about the environment and the human future should call for urgent hearings to allow these technologies to be disclosed, declassified, and safely applied. -- Disclosure, pp. 14, 15, 567. See also Dr. Greer's websites at www.disclosureproject.org, and www.seaspower.com.

For full story see book Disclosure and witness videos at www.disclosureproject.org.
Disclosure Project has over 400 government and military witnesses prepared to testify on this subject.

Time Travel is Possible!

Yes people, I have figured it out... Time travel for everybody. I don't know how nobody ever thought of this before, but, the secret lies withing the geometry of Earth itself!

Because Earth is a sphere with time zones defined by longitudes, and because all longitudes meet at the north and the south pole, any persona standing on or near one of the poles can actually walk all over the different time zones all over the world making him go forward, or get this, backwards too! so long for Einstein's theories!

Of course, the only limitation on this new and fascinating method is it is limited to a time shift of 12 hours in either direction -backward or forward-. Nonetheless, a +/- 12 hourse could be very beneficial indeed, think of how many times you have forgotten your anniversary or your wife/girlfriends/life-partner's birthday, a simple step backward, shifting you 2-3 hours to the past where you could buy a gift and still make it back home ON TIME! Isn't this marvellous?

The only thing stopping us now is relocation. But, taken the current rates of global warming, the polar areas are going to be the best summer vacation spot for most of humanity, especially with the rest of the world intollerably hot by then, everybody is going to be able to travel in time!!! So, do not sell that 8 selender SUV of yours, it is our only hope!

13 November, 2006

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Energizer Bunny arrested, charged with battery.

12 November, 2006

Things I Hate

I hate when our Imsms talk about if cloning is allowed in Islam or not when we don't have a single scientist who's working in that field -applies to a lot of other stuff too-

I hate it when windows gives me an error message with only one button saying "ok"

I hate it when there's nothing good to watch on TV

I hate the lumps of undissolved of powder milk at the bottom of my coffee

I hate that a decent cup of coffee in any cafe now costs me more than 10 pounds

I hate to cut my hair, I hate going to the barber, even better, I hate my hair all together

I hate it when a bearded dude thinks that he's a better muslim than me -gross generalization-

I hate it when I walk on the streets and nobody's smiling anymore

I hate that everybody thinks that there's nothing going right these days and they're doing nothing about it

I hate people who drive insanely fast

I hate people who drive painfully slow

I hate cars I'm never going to be able to buy

I hate the fact that my little brother doesn't have fun at school anymore

I hate people calling TV or radio shows and asking "momkin asharek?"

I hate people who talk on TV and radio until the presenter asks them to stop

I hate that nobody respects time anymore

I hate anybody who says that "the Insider" is a good show

I hate Kazem El-Saher and anybody else who sings in "fos7a"

I hate the lack of green in my city

I hate anybody who thinks that he's better than all the others

I hate that I wasted too much time doing stuff that I didn't really like

I hate not pursuing my talents to their fullest extent

I hate actors and actresses who think that they perform art to convey a "message"

I hate not being able to speak my mind out loud

I hate being afraid

I hate hating so many things in my life

Today's Quote

"Sanity calms, but madness is more interesting" - Bertrand Rusell