14 November, 2006

Time Travel is Possible!

Yes people, I have figured it out... Time travel for everybody. I don't know how nobody ever thought of this before, but, the secret lies withing the geometry of Earth itself!

Because Earth is a sphere with time zones defined by longitudes, and because all longitudes meet at the north and the south pole, any persona standing on or near one of the poles can actually walk all over the different time zones all over the world making him go forward, or get this, backwards too! so long for Einstein's theories!

Of course, the only limitation on this new and fascinating method is it is limited to a time shift of 12 hours in either direction -backward or forward-. Nonetheless, a +/- 12 hourse could be very beneficial indeed, think of how many times you have forgotten your anniversary or your wife/girlfriends/life-partner's birthday, a simple step backward, shifting you 2-3 hours to the past where you could buy a gift and still make it back home ON TIME! Isn't this marvellous?

The only thing stopping us now is relocation. But, taken the current rates of global warming, the polar areas are going to be the best summer vacation spot for most of humanity, especially with the rest of the world intollerably hot by then, everybody is going to be able to travel in time!!! So, do not sell that 8 selender SUV of yours, it is our only hope!

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