12 November, 2006

Things I Hate

I hate when our Imsms talk about if cloning is allowed in Islam or not when we don't have a single scientist who's working in that field -applies to a lot of other stuff too-

I hate it when windows gives me an error message with only one button saying "ok"

I hate it when there's nothing good to watch on TV

I hate the lumps of undissolved of powder milk at the bottom of my coffee

I hate that a decent cup of coffee in any cafe now costs me more than 10 pounds

I hate to cut my hair, I hate going to the barber, even better, I hate my hair all together

I hate it when a bearded dude thinks that he's a better muslim than me -gross generalization-

I hate it when I walk on the streets and nobody's smiling anymore

I hate that everybody thinks that there's nothing going right these days and they're doing nothing about it

I hate people who drive insanely fast

I hate people who drive painfully slow

I hate cars I'm never going to be able to buy

I hate the fact that my little brother doesn't have fun at school anymore

I hate people calling TV or radio shows and asking "momkin asharek?"

I hate people who talk on TV and radio until the presenter asks them to stop

I hate that nobody respects time anymore

I hate anybody who says that "the Insider" is a good show

I hate Kazem El-Saher and anybody else who sings in "fos7a"

I hate the lack of green in my city

I hate anybody who thinks that he's better than all the others

I hate that I wasted too much time doing stuff that I didn't really like

I hate not pursuing my talents to their fullest extent

I hate actors and actresses who think that they perform art to convey a "message"

I hate not being able to speak my mind out loud

I hate being afraid

I hate hating so many things in my life

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