28 December, 2006

Finally Settled...

For all my friends who were waiting to hear my news since I came to Egypt, I'm really sorry but I'm just starting to feel settled now, finally found a place for my laptop and some time to surf the net and check my e-mail and to blog some!

It still feels weird for me here, I don't yet feel that I "fit in" but I'm happy. Egypt is still as I remember it, always full of surprises. Adventures started the day I sat foot here, I've seen a heck lot of people, relatives I haven't seen for like 8 years. Went to Cairo a couple of times and going there again today in preparation for the double-shot eid-new year's party. Its even more thrilling since its going to be the first time I actually celebrate new year's eve, ever!!! I remember the last time me and some friends tried to do so back in KSA we ended up laughing alone in a parking lot.

I've lost a little less than 10 kgs, a great achievement by any means especially that the only exercise I'm doing is walking :) seems that I'm not going to need the xtra large stuff I bought lately for long.

The only thing I missed during these past two weeks is blogging and reading my daily-shot of blogs like I used to do back in KSA but as the smoke is settling down now and a daily routing is starting to surface I'll be able to write a little more.