18 February, 2008

We Are The Martians

I'm not a fan of conspiracy theories, not at all. But that doesn't mean that I dismiss all of them. Now I'm not talking about the Jews and Israel and all that shit that fills the stereotypical arab-muslim mind. In fact, it goes much deeper.

I don't believe anything right away. I always research and try to find the right information from the right sources and then come out with my own idea of what the truth is. And as anyone with a scientific inquisitive mind I keep my mind open for all possible explanations. And I ask you to do so too cause some of the stuff I'm going to tell here is simply unbelievable.

I've been interested in UFO's "Unidentified Flying Objects" ever since I read Anis Mansour's books "الذين هبطوا من السماء" and "الذين عادوا إلى السماء" and this was the start of reading a lot about this subject. I was also interested a lot in ancient history and civilization and always thought that there was some missing link, some untold facts that are going to make the whole thing make sense. And the more I read the more puzzled I become.

I dropped the subject for quite some time since there wasn't that much stuff to read and I found that I'm reading the same stuff only by different authors and decided to wait till something new comes up regarding this matter. That happened almost a year ago with me finding out about the "Disclosure Project" by Dr. Steven Greer. who was the first one I saw who took this stuff seriously enough and then studied it scientifically and developed a scheme to encourage people to come out with their stories and then he went the extra mile and never published something without getting the same story from different sources to confirm it. And what an amazing list he ended up with of eye-witnesses. I recommend that you see the video -which is a shocking collection of eye-witness statements regarding this subject but was overshadowed by the 911 incident-. Thats when I started researching the subject myself and trying to find out whats new, and believe you and me, there is a lot of garbage out there on the net about it, enough to make anybody skeptical.

Then I found this book, "The Biggest Secret" by David Icke which really connected the whole thing together. UFO's, the new world order, the illuminatti, George W. Bush. everything seems now to fall into place but it is only a beginning for a whole different set of questions. What about us? What about our part in the universe? How does that stuff affect religion? Our image about the god creating Adam?

I don't know if I am ready to accept all of this but I recommend everybody to try to download that book and read it, just for fun, and see if it evokes any reaction .