06 August, 2008

A Very Weird Night

I'm probably the first one to publish anything about this accident online or even in print. There was a catastrophic fire at the hospital my brother, Ahmad is working at this night, people got injured and even died because of the extreme negligence and ignorance that I'm starting to believe are genetically imprinted qualities in Egyptian genes.

But that actually isn't what I'm here to talk about. Cause out there at the hospital as I was checking on Ahmad and bringing him some stuff he wanted, I met one of the most beautiful girls I've seen in my whole life.

A dark haired gal wearing extremely simple clothes with a beautiful large scarf covering most of her body carelessly dangling over her shoulders. Her face had this twinkle because of the sweat covering her face of a very weird night I'm sure she had tonight but with a calm beautiful look on her face she just hypnotized me. She was gorgeous. She was a little chubby and I'm sure that if anybody I know saw her would tell me that I have a terrible taste in women but to me, she was the best thing that happened to me today.

Anyways, still talking to Ahmad and trying to ignore her and avoid the now very frequent uncomfortable eye contact because of me not being able to take mine off her to the point that I grabbed a chair gave her my back and sat in front of Ahmad. This huge dude was going in and out half naked he too exhausted from all the action that happened that night. And then the shock. Ashraf, my younger brother who was there too asks Ahmad about the half naked dude whom until now I thought was another doctor working with my brother on that cursed shift to discover that he's only a relative of one of the patients at the hospital that night and that beautiful creature is his wife.

The only cool thing here is, Ahmad is probably going to be famous all around Egypt tomorrow night when the news of the fire and how he helped save all these people reaches the media. Enjoy your 15 seconds of fame bro!!! And god bless you for all what you did that night man... I know sometimes I just want to throw you out the window but you also make me proud.

God bless you. And that other half naked lucky bastard dude.

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