12 September, 2008

Thing I Hate (part II)

From the spirit of Ramadan.

I hate it when people take a lot of time after the Imam starts praying to make sure that their toes are touching and that they're perfectly aligned and then, after the Imam already starts reading alfate7a, they get in the prayer.

I hate it when people hum and whistle during rokoo3 and sojood -which are supposed to be done silently-.

I hate it when people move while praying before the Imam completes "allaho akbar".

I hate it when the same people who rush wait a little longer before moving from the sojood position.

I hate it when people spend half their Ramdan day sleeping and then make sure they attend the tarawee7 prayers and the fajr prayer.

I hate it when people act crazy just because they didn't smoke a cigarette for a couple of hours.

I hate it when everybody turns Ramadan into an eating contest.

I hate not having 2atayef all year round.