06 December, 2006

Dodging Bullets

Now here's a weird thought.

Bullets, when it comes to physics, should behave like any other projectile. So theoretically, a bullet, after being fired, should travel some distance and if it hits nothing in its way it will just fall to the ground with a trajectory that looks like half a parabola with its axis in the direction of the bullet. Now, still theoretically speaking, the force with which the bullet is fired could be calculated and consequently we could get the distance a bullet travels before it loses its momentum and falls down -or simply by experimenting and trial and error- but, and here's where it gets interesting, a bullet fired at from point "A" as shown on (Diagram 1) should naturally fall at point "B". A point "C" on the trajectory of the bullet could be found where the bullet has sufficiently slowed down to the point where someone could just catch it in his hand!

Theoretically, I should be correct, so how nobody ever tried it before? If any body is interesting if this works out or not, I have a gun, bring a calculator. :)

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