04 December, 2006

Who Stole Islam?

If I have to agree with the Egyptian government on one thing, it would be the banning of the Muslim brotherhood group. And if I had to give one reason for me not liking the brotherhood so much it would be the way they look down on everybody else.

One of the thing I admire the most about people like Ahmad Zewail or Farouk El-Baz -and in fact almost everybody with such knowledge- is how having all this knowledge made them so humble and so polite because science, just like religion, has a way of elevating a persons spirit which makes me think that maybe the gaia people were right! But when you look at most religious people you will find something that almost the complete opposite. This look that they know so much more and that they're so much better than you just because you don't grow a beard or -if you're a woman- you don't cover your hair.

I'm OK with anybody who wants to go the extra mile with his religion whatever it is but I can't help it feeling that there's something "troubling" with most of these people. I know some people who either joined or tried to join the brotherhood and I noticed that the "recruiters" usually targeted people with somewhat troubled personalities, people who could be easily manipulated and maybe back then in my subconscious I felt that these people were actually being "brain washed" but I never really saw it this way until the era of terrorists attacks and suicide bombers came upon us especially after the Iraq invasion. And this maybe the main reason why I never trusted the brotherhood. But this is not the main reason why I don't like them having an "Islamic" party.

I can't get myself to forget the Luxor massacre on 1997, and I know that the group behind the attack are not the brotherhood but the Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya who actually did it originated from the brotherhood. Living in Saudi Arabia too I could tell you that the followers of the brotherhood who took refuge there and who mostly worked as teachers in schools and universities were one of the main reasons behind the development of extremism -in a country that was on top of this following the wahhabi extremist understanding of Islam- which eventually lead to the emergence of Bin Laden and his friends. I can't really put my hands on it but there must be some kind of a connection between all these extremists link to the Muslim brotherhood.

You can do like my father and try to convince me that they're good people and they do a lot of services to the community, but, don't you think that this is just "marketing" for their group? To brainwash the people they're helping into thinking that they're good people so that they have their support when they call for them in any of their crazy endeavors against the government? "El qa3da el sha3biya" elly zahha2o ommena beeha? Its the same technique they've been telling us in schools that Christian missionaries are using in the poor countries of Africa when they offer them food and medicine in exchange for them converting to Christianity, something that I don't believe anymore but try telling this to almost all school students in Saudi Arabia.

Just take a look at their logo and their motto: "God is our objective, the Quran is our Constitution, the Prophet is our leader, struggle is our way, and death for the sake of God is the highest of our aspirations". If their message is so peaceful then whey do they need the sword for? and then below the logo you have "وأعدوا", this alone really scared me! Its as if our whole mission as Muslims is to fight and kill the infidels. And where does it say in Islam that dying should be our "highest aspiration"? These kinds of teachings are what gave us the suicide bombers and terrorists. Instead of teaching people to respect the soul and to forbid the killing of anybody regardless of his religion they're teaching us that dying should be our highest aspiration.

I still have a lot to say on this issue, wait for me...


  1. what is ISLAM and who are the MUSLIMS? - http://linuses.blogspot.com

  2. IKhwanweb is the Muslim Brotherhood's only official English web site. The Main office is located in London, although Ikhwanweb has correspondents in most countries. Our staff is exclusively made of volunteers and stretched over the five continents.

    The Muslim Brotherhood opinions and views can be found under the sections of MB statements and MB opinions, in addition to the Editorial Message.

    Items posted under "other views" are usually different from these of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Ikhwanweb does not censor any articles or comments but has the right only to remove any inappropriate words that defy public taste

    Ikhwanweb is not a news website, although we report news that matter to the Muslim Brotherhood's cause. Our main misson is to present the Muslim Brotherhood vision right from the source and rebut misonceptions about the movement in western societies. We value debate on the issues and we welcome constructive criticism.

  3. Well, as weird as it is getting a reply from the Muslim Brotherhood itself! But, being a rational person, I did read a lot about the Muslim Brotherhood, let alone the books I have about them and even written by them. I have seen the ikhwanweb website and the arabic version too and I went back to it after reading this reply too but my opinions haven't changed.

    I still disagree with the brotherhood on issues such as, and I quote their website "- أن مشكلات احتلال الأرض لن تنتهي إلا من خلال رفع علم الإسلام وإعلان الجهاد.

    - أن الوحدة العربية لن تتم إلا بالإسلام، وأن توحيد وتحقيق وحدة المسلمين لن يتم إلا بالإسلام. وأن تغيير الميزان لصالح المسلمين أمر ليس بالمستحيل حين يكون هناك التزام بالإسلا" and think is utter nonsense. Besides, the logo says it all.

    The deceptive nature of the brotherhood could be seen by the absence of their logo from the english version of their website, the ikhwanweb!

    What I have written is out of my personal experience with the ikhwan -who by the way tried to recruit me during my study in the Alexandria college of engineering!- and I wish that you reply was more meaningful and related to what I've said than just copying and pasting your about us page.