30 November, 2014

Bring It On...

Standing on the back deck, feeling the cold breeze blasting away all the worries of a job that seemed like it would never end. Chain smoking the few remaining cigarettes and looking at the shore lights as they sparkle in the distance and wondering what tomorrow brings. Don’t know if I’m just too tired or have I got it all wrong. Feeling like I’m swallowed in a sea of gray, it all stopped being right and wrong long time ago but can’t stop thinking that there must be more to this than wasting my few years on this Earth exploring trails and wondering where they lead me. Not being able to go back and choose a different path. But this is what growing old is all about, giving up on your dreams to the overwhelming torrent of reality. There must be something better than this, but what does it matter anymore? Only question on my mind right now is how much longer will I be able to take these blows, keep surviving in what appears to be an endless sea of misery.

Bring it on you sons of bitches cause I ain’t done yet.

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