28 November, 2006

Is It Really Worth It?

I don't like to talk much about the Palestinian issue. Its not as if my opinion is going to change anything in it or going to reach anybody who's capable of doing anything anyways. A lot of times I read the newspapers and ask myself if all these people writing on all of these subjects do really believe that they have a unique angle or the solution for any of our problems! Anybody who watches TV nowadays will be surprised by how many experts we have on any subject you could think of but to me, it only comes to a couple of people worth listening to what they say. I can't help but think what would've happened if half of these people actually did something instead of getting their faces on TV and thinking they're famous now. Whats even weirder is what happens when these experts -and presumably intellects- start arguing with each other and the time immediately goes back 50 years to when everybody was calling his enemies traitors and agents of the west and all that bullshit that got us nowhere, or is it that we have fallen in a crack in the space-time continuum -I love this word :)- and the whole Arab area where time doesn't move forward any more.

I empathize with the Palestinians and with the all the pain and suffering they have to go through to stay alive but I think that they fell victims to an ideology that is not suited for solving the current situation. Until Arabs solve their own problems first and develop a sense of unity -and not unify because I don't believe that this is possible- the Palestinian issue should be treated as a humanitarian crisis. If we set aside our prejudice and start thinking about it, our first priority is not what type of government and what kind of borders, its the ability for the people to sustain themselves and be able to work and learn and for their children to play safely. I don't believe that any normal sane mother will accept that her son will go blow himself to pieces to injure some Israelis and by no means is it acceptable that a 57 years old woman blows herself to injure three soldiers! And the assholes who shot a video of her before she goes, what kind of sick people are they?

Now I'm not saying that I have a solution, but I'm certain that what's currently happening there isn't one. Killing an Israeli using tin can rockets is not going to benefit anybody and we all know that the Israelis are the kings of manipulating the media and they're going to benefit from something like this far more than the palestinians will, if the do at all.

To be cont'd.

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