02 December, 2006

1000 visitors

My blog reached 1000 visitors today, a huge milestone for me considering I've been writing for only a little more than a month right now!

I started finding out about blogs after reading the report on the events of the 25th of May, 2005 and for the first time I thought that I could be part of something that is in no way under the influence of our outdated leaders -or so called leaders-, something thats purely Egyptian and by people who carry hope for a better Egypt. Luckily, this coincided with me getting a DSL connection and the nearing of my final return to Egypt from my exile and I started reading everything like crazy and I fell in love with it and decided that I have to be part of whats happening.

I have chosen to write this blog in English for a couple of reasons, and no, its not because I'm that guy with the American accent because I admit it right here that my English accent is not that good but its comprehensible at least. And although I love the American accent I've always hated people who think they're cool because they talk in English. The main reason is because I could type up to 40 words per minute in English plus my laptop's keyboard doesn't have Arabic letters and every time I have to write something in Arabic I have to open the windows "On-Screen Keyboard". The other reason is that I think that there are a lot of people who are writing in Arabic who are far better and more experienced than me. And when it comes to writing in Arabic the style is really important cause I discovered that in the blog world you could get bored from a post really fast, I think that most people wont read this far in this post either! But do you write in "fos7a" or in 3ammeya or in the arabic-english style, its just a huge burden, besides, I've always thought that I could express myself much more clearly in English because its a "primitive" language, its not a fancy language at all, not as much as Arabic at least.

Another main reason is that if I write in Arabic, I know that only Arabic speaking people will read it, and since I'm an advocate for reaching the "other" I thought that English will do the trick, and it did. People who read my blog, according to my statcounter, come from almost all over the globe, and mostly from Europe and the States, I even have people from Chile, Iceland and Korea accessing my blog! How cool is that?

Anyway, I have to thank everybody who visited my blog or left a comment, thank you all...


  1. mabrouk, don't underestimate the diaspora maybe most of your readers are arabs or even egyptians who just happen to live in these funky places.

    anyways I used to find it difficult to express myself in any form of written arabic, I don't have arabic letters on my kyboard either, one of the benefits of blogging is I got to be more comfortable using 3ameya and I hope I'll be comfortable using some form of bastardized fos7a soon, I type arabic almost as fast as I type english now and without the need for letters on the keyboard.

    try to write an arabic post from time to time, play with 3ameya, fos7a, mixed, even if you bore your readers you'll appreciate the effect on you.

  2. Is this the Alaa commenting on my blog? Is this cool or what?

    Anyways, thank you man for passing by. I'm starting to force myself to write in Arabic, at least commenting on other people's blog, and the learning curve seams to be considerably shorter than when I first started to write. Thank you for the advice though... :)

    I'm so happy!

  3. لا شكر على واجب ياأدهم مدونتك تستحق ذلك عن جدارة وأتمنى لك الأستمرار