19 November, 2006

AlJazeera International

I just love it. Put aside all the prejudice everybody has on the Arabic Jazeera channel, this is something completely different, I guess. It is so well presented, very professional, I especially love the show . There's simply no better looking channel with this diverse and wide range of programing that are shown -or yet to be shown- broadcasting from an arab country. I love the way it looks too, very clean, very smooth, with thier news band at the bottom much less prominant and annoying -and actually similar to that of the BBC's- than thats of their Arabic version or of Al-Arabiya's for example -don't you just hate it?-. It looks very professional and mature that I don't believe it just started less than a week now.

Having such professional and well-known -to the western audience at least- presenters such as Riz Khan sir David Frost, I just loved his show "Frost around the world" is such and intelligent move on their part, this would give them much more credibelity to a western audience than say, another Al-Qasim talking in English.

I know its still too early to tell, but if you could judge a book by its cover, then I'm willing to put all my money on it. Now we do have a channel specifically made for channelling our point of view to the west, weather al-Jazeera is the best person to do so or not is yet to be seen but at least its a start.

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