20 November, 2006

Pink is not a color

I was taking my usual cigarette in the balcony, enjoying the fresh cold air that I missed so much when it suddenly hit me. Pink is not a color!

We have learned in the arts class in school that you have your basic three colors, red, yellow and blue. Mixed in different proportions you get any color in the world, but pink? Pink is what you get when you add "white" to red! Its not actually a color! Pink is simply the "lack" of red!!! Its not even a natural color, its "artificial" and now remember this cause its going to be important later on. Thinking about it, pink doesnt' even occur naturally, there's not a single fruit or vegetable I know thats pink! Even pink roses, I bet its only a phase before getting a real color, RED! Apparently, omwhere in our history, a guy ran out of red while painting so he decided to add some white to it and he came up with, pink! And apparently this dude was highly recognized that nobody dared to object when he decided that he discovered a new color and even got at its own name, pink!

Now, I know this might sound rediculous to most of you, but here's the catch. Pink destroyed women's lives.

Ever wondered about these girls who adore the color pink and put it in everything they have? Well, here's my theory: Pink is a color that was specifically invented to oppress women and to lock them in the box of being "cute little things" and, and this is quite clever now, they used to promote another illusion, romance.

"Romance" is artificial. Or at least the kind of romane that you see on TV, but all the girls some how got in their minds the whole "romantic love" thing and the "hero of their dreams" and all that impossible stuff about finding the one and blah blah. Immagine the statistical improbability of finding the "one" from among 6 billion inhabitants of our planets! And girls got so fixated on this idea that for most of them it has become the aim of their lives to find the one and get married and have children, your typical Hallmark family, a fictional family by the way. And when their boyfriends, fiances etc. don't act like the complete romantic heros they're supposed to be they're frowned upon and treates as cold-hearted insensitive beings when in fact we are only being "realistic".

Anyways, so the marketers of this new romance idea decided to associate it with a color -for marketing purposes of course- and what better color to describe an artificial feeling than an "artificial" color, Pink!


  1. I don't know whether to salute you for coming up with such a great theory, or crying because I love the "non-existent' colour so much!

    But if Pink is "not a colour" I'm sure most of the colours that were "mixed" aren't colours either!

    Haha, you know, come to think of it...There came a phase in my life where I detested the colour pink; I mean, I really hated it but somewhere along the way, I grew to like it again! Hmm..weird?

    Plus, according to dictionary.com, "Colour is the quality of an object or substance with respect to light reflected by the object, usually determined visually by measurement of hue, saturation, and brightness of the reflected light; saturation or chroma; hue."

    So technically Adham, Pink is a colour! ;)

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  3. interesting stuff dude, i wonder how messed up in the head u were when u wrote this :-D just kidding,, romance is a state of mind, nothing more and nothing less, it could be something artificial, an illusion,, or name whatever u wanna name it, it is a state of mind the brain creates in order to preserve mankind of course,, but i think the world wouldnt be the same without romance,, romance drives people,, it's a human character,,one of the highest functions of the complex human brain. and no matter what u think of it, dont hate it.. being emotionally blunted is not a good thing,, so is being too emotional for that matter. but romance is still something you can't live without for so long..
    or at least thats what i think
    anyways nice stuff man, keep it going

  4. Su bro, welcome to my blog man... Anyways, you of all people should know that I'm severely messed up in the mind! I agree with you on that romance is a chemical process created to "preserve" the human kind, but if you want my opinion man, its a race that doesn't deserve saving anyways!

  5. Anonymous2:40 AM

    Pink (Magenta) is not a real color. Our brain makes it up. It is a mix or red and violet light (both ends of the spectrum), normally this would make green but if something is not actually green this would be way off and not good when it comes to survival (ex. a pink snake in the grass would go unseen if our brains were tricked into thinking it was green) so our brains invent pink. http://www.null-hypothesis.co.uk/science/strange-but-true/profs-probings/colour_spectrum_magenta_complimentary_bizarre I was surprised when I saw this

  6. Anonymous3:06 AM

    Pink is NOT a color!

    It too, is a state of mind.

    Color is the humans brain displaying the wavelengths of light in its own view.

    Pink has no specific wavelength.

  7. Anonymous6:50 PM

    "Thinking about it, pink doesnt' even occur naturally, there's not a single fruit or vegetable I know thats pink!"

    ****Pink grapefruit.****

  8. Thank god pink isn't a color. Faith in humanity has been restored.

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