19 November, 2006

Netherlands, the next big enemy...

Netherlands is banning borqa in public places. So what?

First of all, I don't live there, and don't nobody start on me that the west are attacking Islam and all that shit and that we should unify with our "brothers" in the west, I don't even believe that arab countries, let alone the Islamic countries, are ever going to be unified and I don't even want it to happen, but thats a different issues.

Second of all, if you're living in the Netherlands, or anywhere in Europe for that matter, and you are wearing a borqa, then you obviously don't belong there and you should move out. Wearing a borqa is an extreme measure, even in Islam, and its not even required to cover your face or hands, and if you are this extreme then I don't understand how you are living in a place that contradicts with all your believes?

Third of all, its not even required to wear a borqa! So why make a big deal about it? Why make a fight out of it? If you have to wear it then go somewhere else, but to me at least, its not natural to cover your face, I can't communicate with a person without seeing his face, its like you want to erase your identity! Besides, the Netherlands says that they're banning it for security reasons, of course our conspiracy theorists won't buy this one bit but I for one think that this is a totally legitimate reason for banning the borqa. Here in Saudi Arabia, terrorists go around freely wearing borqa to cover their identity and no police officer dares asking a woman to uncover her face. Even cars with women inside goes through security check-points unchecked! I don't care if you put check-points all over the place you're not going to make me feel safe if you let a car pass unchecked because there's a woman inside! So, I really don't blame the Netherlands for saying they're banning it for security reasons.

What I really think is that we should ban it in Islamic countries too! Borqa is nothing but an out-dated garment forced on women by tradition and has nothing to do with Islam. I read an investigation by a Saudi newspaper about this issue and I was surprised to know that some of these women never take it off -its not actually a borqa in this case but something similar worn on the face beneath it but they still wear a borqa when they go outside- anyways, I was saying that even their kids never saw their faces, and in some cases, their husbands! This is a case where social traditions got intermingled with Islamic teachings and these women need to understand that and stop abusing themselves because it, according to psychiatrists interviewed for this newspaper investigation, has some serious consequences on their psychiatric well being! Let along on their family, imagine if you never saw your mom's face! How could she show affection or love or any other feeling?


  1. Bravo! very interesting views...
    "no police officer dares asking a woman to uncover her face" - what about airports, aren't there female police officers ?

  2. Actually yes, they do. They have special rooms where female security officers take care of searcing women. But thats only for searching I guess, I've never asked really if they also check their face against the passport picture, but men customs officers certainly dare not to ask a woman to unveil.

    To tell you the truth, I don't know if Saudi passports include pictures of women, I'll ask about it and come back to you on this. I know for sure though that women only recently here were allowed to have their own personal ID cards -before they were just added to their father's and their husbands cards- but even these have no pictures on them.

  3. dude,, you speak the truth, all the truth and nothing but the truth so help you god..

    i love being your brother,,
    keep it up dawg

    to saudi arabian people: cover your women from hair to toes, build extensions to the holy mosque, believe you are better than anyone and everyone else, build up on your arrogance until it will explode someday.. at the same time though:
    highest percentage of homosexual males, the highest number of home made porno clips and scandals that make you vomit your freakin guts out,, the highest number of gamblers down here in egyptian underground casinos,,, etc.

    and not only that,, they export their severely radical views of islam to other arab countries, make anyone with a different view of islam a resident of hell for eternity..
    little example : shee3a
    keep on telling yourselves that you are the protectors of islam, maybe someday you'll believe it!