20 November, 2006

Bloody Mad

I was watching this documentary on TV about an English guy, Donald Campbell, who was determined to break the 300 mph -yes, thats 480 kph if you're wondering- in a jet-engine powered boat and managed to get himself killed in the process. And it made me wonder, what the hell did he accomplish?

I understand the need for setting land speed records or air speed records, these have resulted in a lot of development in the designs of cars and airplanes and trains and a lot of useful stuff, but have you ever heard of a person wanting to be on a boat going 300 mph? Thats just insane... and what bugged me the most is that he was treated like a hero, hey, the guy is crazy! Whatever...


  1. i'll tell you how i think of it,, a person who attempts to break a speed record, whether a land speed, air, or on water speed,, is a person of courage, is a pioneer,, this is not something anyone can do.. man, one of our problems is that we underestimate people,, we undermine achievements,, and it is ridiculous, while we sit on our asses feeling sorry for our pathetic lives and countries, while we watch those people on TV -which they invented as well-, while we make fun of someone with such courage and ambition,, they are all out there racing time, trying, achieving, WINNING,, it's a triumph to break some speed record, it is a triumph of science and technology over laws of physics and powers of nature. taking everything to the next level.. while we think like losers,, they think like winners,, they have the pioneers attitude,, they have a goal, an ambition, and they work for it, with all the positive energy.. and so they win, they win everything, they win control over our sorry asses,, while we sit in out slow arab worlds, munching on the couch,, and so we lose,,

    don't ever underestimate achievements. start thinking like a winner

  2. Man, you know that I'm an engineer and I do understand the importance of technical innovation and I truly appreciate the courage of all the men and women who risk their lives to push our knowledge forward. But, there still is some science that is useless and their are people who are only adrenaline junkies and nothing more, people who jump in motorcycles through rings of fire for example. But now after what, 50 years? of this guys experiment I don't see yet jet engines in boats going even more than 100 mph. That was just stupid.