19 November, 2006

I'm Moving to WordPress

As I'm still new to the blogging world, there are still a lot of things about it that I don't know. But one thing I know now, word press kicks blogger ass.

I'm just sad I didn't find that out earlier before I started posting, or even before I made the conversion to beta which was the point of no return since WordPress doesn't support importing -an amazingly useful feature by the way- from the beta version! Stupid me! My only hope now is that as they go on they're going to solve this problem. I should've known this was a scam since they were bought by google, who I don't like very much! I'm more of a Yahoo! person.

I almost immediately fell for WordPress. I love a peice of professional work and WordPress is just that, it looks clean, its loaded with features, stuff that I found out lately to be useful and important but in blogger you have to add all this stuff and I had to do it the old way adding the html code and using trial and error, I took a couple of programming courses but I'm no programmer, thats why I changed to blogger beta since it promised a visual interface for playing with the template and colors and fonts and all that crap. For instance, statistics are built-in the dashboard and it has a lot of neat stuff like referrals, their templates look great although I didn't start playing with them yet. You could also keep track of all the comments you made to other blogs on WordPress and notify you of newer ones! I didn't know they could do that! I have to check on my comments manually and its just Hell!

Anyways, so long blogger, from now on I'm going to post both on blogger and on my WordPress blog until I figure out how to move my old post from here.

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