05 November, 2006

El 5elfa welly by5allefooha

There are a lot of things about living in Egypt that makes me wonder if I'm really living in the 21st century or is it that there's just something magical about Egypt that makes its people stay the same while everything else around them is changing.

women circumcision for example, magic, superstition and the supernatural world in general, virginity, divorce, polygyny... You see all of these issues come and go in the media probably when they have nothing better to do and they want a sure hit... its the "fart bag" theory by Mahmoud El-Sa'adani all over again and weather it requires wodoo2 again or not.

Polygyny in particular always made me think, yes it is permissible by Islam to marry more than one woman, but, really, do you think anybody does for any other reason than sex? This is yet another way where a part of Islam was taken, manipulated, and under the influence of our man-made culture it gave an opportunity for perverts to have sex with more than woman "fel-7alal"... Before you all attack me and start spreading accusation right and left, don't you think that Islam made this practice ok to solve a particular kind of problem? All "tashree3at" in Islam were put there to serve a purpose that will eventually make the society better... but, is this why man people practice polygyny now? Have you ever heard of a single case where a man is married to more than one woman and there was no problems cause that are far worse than if he stuck with his first wife? Is their a relationship between the fact that people who get married to more than one woman have like a gizillion kids?

Is not being fertile reason enough to destroy a marriage? I see kids all over the place and to be honest, I don't think that anybody is doing any better job than anybody else bringing up his own kids, that is if he gives a damn in the first place about them growing up into responsible human beings. It actually makes me wonder of the relevance of having kids anymore, especially with our world not getting any better, is it a good decision to burden ourselves emotionally and financially to introduce yet more people to this over-crowded planet?

If we are still living in farms and own our land and work on them growing corps then having kids, and even at relatively young ages, is a good source for good and reliable labor! Think about it, I believe this is the main reason why peasants like to have many kids and get married at very young ages, because their lifestyle demands such measures. But, unless you are a peasant, and unless you're so egotistical that you actually believe that the world needs more people like you? Because other than that, If I have learned anything from my parents and all the hell I and my brothers put them through, all this pressure, all this money spent, then it is to not have any kids.

But lets say you are crazy enough to get married... and lets say that you found someone and you've met her family and all is going well, just after the "fara7", there's the first obstacle, virginity. Let's say your wife was -el 7amdolellah- a virgin, which I don't get the relevance of especially with the invention of "re-verginization" operations. But, answer me this question... why is their is always this pressure on the newly weds by their in-laws to get pregnant as soon as possible? Is it suddenly your responsibility to ensure the continuity of the human species? Are you the last fertile couple on Earth?

But again, let us forget about this, let's say that you are a "normal couple" who had a young baby like 10-12 months after marriage and you have successfully ruined the only pussy you are allowed to touch -from now on, its the death penalty, and by stoning too-. Let me ask you a question, what difference in the world does it make if the baby is a boy or a girl? Let me take you back to the peasant mentality because its the only way I could explain the relevance of the sex of the child. Again you're a poor peasant who's starving for a another loyal laborer to work on his land, if you get a girl, you're surely going to let her help you after she has grown strong, all peasant women do, but, as it is the customs of peasants before your daughter reaches 20 years old, maybe even 18 or 16, she's going to get married and belong to someone else's household and start working on their land, you have given him free labor and you have lost an 18 years old investment! A boy on the other hand is going to stay with you helping you with your own land, not only that, he is too going to get married and doing so, you have gained another free laborer too! Thats a good return on a night of fun, don't you think?

Now, unless you are a peasant who needs free labor, you are not allowed to discriminate between a boy and girl. But again, el sharaf yabettelkalb, el sharaf!!! And don't let me get started on that, but if you gotta, Isis said it all here.

Here's a little story I heard on a movie once. A man got married to a woman, and after some time, the man noticed that whenever his wife cooks fish, she cuts the tail and the head and put it in the pan. When he asked her why she is doing this, she answered that she always saw her mother do it this way. So the guy decided to research the issue, so he went to her mother and asked her why did she always cook fish this way, she answered that its because she was poor and her pan was smaller than the pan, and since she couldn't afford a bigger pan, she would only cut the head and the tail so that the fish fits in the smaller pan!

Before you do something just because every generation before you did, because your whole ignorant community is doing it, ask yourself a simple question, why do I have to do it exactly the same?

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