07 November, 2006


Now, thats funny!!!

I was trying to go to the Reporters Without Borders website to show my support to their campaign against internet censorship and guess what? Their website was blocked already...

I have no comment on this one... You already know it :)


  1. Anonymous7:05 PM

    hey Adham , it is not blocked I visited today's morning and it was fine ,I live in Egypt and I use TEData

  2. Did I forget to say that I live in Saudi Arabia? Guess I did, so here it is, I live in Saudi Arabia!!

    But luckily in less than a month I'm coming back to Egypt, permenantly,


  3. I think I do know your opinion!

  4. The ad for hijabs is funny!

  5. A.K says:
    coming to think of it, it's such a shame that "muslim" countries, ALL -so called- islamic countries, fight the truth with all their powers and capabilities, when islam is in fact the ULTIMATE TRUTH, the ULTIMATE enlightenment ..
    it's funny they call themselves muslims and get really upset when some danish newspaper publish some comics! they get all excited and shit,, "don't buy their products!" protests everywhere! it's crazy man..! can't they see that muslim countries come on top of the corruption list? don't they know that they also come at the bottom of any list of achievements?

    to saudi arabia, "the PROTECTORS and keepers of islam!!!!!" :
    your lies are exposed to the whole world,, your radicalism is becoming scandalous,, go on and fight freedom and TRUTH with all your powers. but just let me remind you of a little fact,, every year, all through ramadan, and lailet el kadr,, millions of people pray for god and cry and beg all night inside the holy mosques of mekka and madina,, every year, year after year, for decades, they have been asking god to defeat the jews, to return our taken land,,,

    now why do you think all those prayers were never answered?

    it is so obvious that it's becoming funny..!

    the "muslim" world,, a one billion plus nation living under the shoes of the rest of the civilized world..

    keep on praying