08 November, 2006

Now, here's why boycotting won't work

This issue might seem old, but in the light of the recent poll that found that Denmark is Egypt's second worst enemy, with Israel of course being the worst.

A lot of people argue that boycotting is a very strong tool, and indeed, it had people in Denmark notice that what they did was wrong -at least in the eyes of Muslims- and it could've been one of the most civilized and effective worldwide Islamic demonstration if it wasn't for the violence that occurred. But I'm not going to argue with the effectiveness of such boycotting act.

The major flaw in the boycotting of Danish products in my opinion is the grounds on which this decision was made. Think about it, Denmark was originally, also according to polls by the same people who did this one, was considered a friend of arab and islamic countries, but now after all what happened I suspect that Danish people themselves will think twice before supporting any of our causes in the international arena.

But here's what really bothers me, Danish never killed any muslim, occupied or declared war on any muslim nation yet, we see it as more evil than countries like the united states and Britain. Don't you think that if any country is to be boycotted it has to be the united states? Don't a lot of Americans attack Islam and Islamic countries on daily bases? Don't they produce movies with representations of, not only our prophet, but of god himself? Don't they produce songs that attack everything that we consider holy in this world? Didn't some of their senators threaten to destroy the Ka'aba? Don't you think that a single act of these here deserves a more severe boycotting of American products than what happened with Denmark? At least the Americans will deserve it since most of us already think that America is the "biggest devil"!!

Isn't this a double standard that we, people who claim to be victims of double standards in politics, use with others too? Did we just find it much easier to boycott Danish products than boycotting USA? Well, that is the reason why I didn't participate in the boycotting of Danish products, its not because I'm not a good Muslim who defends his faith against the attack of these infidels, its because I found it to be a bluff.

So excuse me, but we ARE a nation of hypocrites.


  1. Hi Adham,

    You recently commented on one of the articles posted in my blog, so I came to check your blog out. After reading your article I am wondering if you think we should not boycot Denmark so we would not have a double standard or we should boycot America too to be fair? :)

  2. Regardless of weather I believe if it is as effective as everybody else's saying, but indeed if we want to be fair with ourselves, then we should boycott the united states too!

    I think I should have called this post "why boycotting Denmark won't work" so you wouldn't get confused.

    What I meant to say is that boycotting Denmark and leaving the states is like punishing a poor guy for stealing while leaving the "strong" guy run with millions. I also think that boycotting without starting an effective dialog is useless because it will only increase the hatred and it will make us lose countries that were originally sympathetic with our cause.

  3. Greetings.... as a Dane I salute your reasoning. Many of "us" wonder why "you" punish a whole country - or more specifically a dairy co. for the doings of one newspaper.
    Also, dialogue is vital: many of "us" cannot understand why these cartoons can be viewed as offensive.

    Personally, before the "shit hit the fan" I had no idea there even _was_ a taboo against depicting the Prophet.

    Please come around and share your views

  4. again, bro, you speak the truth, and nothing but the truth so help you god..

    i just wanted to add something to what you said,,
    of course i agree that boycotting danish products, or like halalhippie said,, a dairy company.. is an act of stupidity and absolute ignorance and weakness. it's the only thing arab COWARDS could come up with, claiming they are protecting islam and all that brain wash horseshit..

    let me tell you all a little something,
    who , would you think, is the true enemy of islam ? israil and the united states? europe? denmark?
    well, check this out,,

    you can walk around with a half meter long beard and a prayer mark on your forehead, and you can hold a qur'an in your right hand and a 'seb7a' in your left, and walk the streets safe and proud.. but WHERE can you do that?
    in the civilized western world my good friends,, in the united states, europe, australia,,

    come down to egypt and try doing that,, try growing a beard and a prayer mark,, try speaking of true islam out loud and guiding people to the real concept of religion. in egypt,, you can get locked down for that kina stuff,, and not only that you will be in prison,, police officers - PIGS for short - will beat the crap out of you, they will torture you with electricity,, they will hang you from your arms and put out cigarettes on your body, they will rip off your clothes until you're naked and sexually humiliate you or even rape you,, egyptian police PIGS will threaten to rape your wife!!!! and you daughters!!,, they will raid your residence and take all your family into custody like they were Israeli spies! and this is just a sample my friends..
    every egyptian knows that showing their religion is risky,,
    joinging the muslim brotherhood is a crime that can get you locked down for the rest of your life man,, imagine!! being called a member of the muslim brotherhood, in a muslim country, HECK ,, the BIGGEST and most populated of muslim countries,,, is a serious crime!
    did someone think about this before acting all brave and excited and shit and boycott some danish dairy products?!! guess not...
    who is the true enemy of islam now?
    who poses more thread on muslims?
    denmark? with it's freedom of speech, their respect for human rights and even animal rights! preservation of individual dignity and civil rights even if u were a thief? or the egyptian government -as an example- who will break every single bone in your body if you grew a beard and joined the 'MUSLIM' brotherhood?
    WTF man?
    i think it is obvious now,,
    hence,, any attack on denmark, or any other civilized country for that matter, for publishing some comics, making some movie,, to me, is the absolute and ultimate stupidity, severe weakness,,

    don't you ever criticize European & western countries,, you can't live free in your own land,, you are a nation that's worth nothing at all,, you produce nothing,, our sole importance in the world is our oil! you have zero dignity in your own countries,, you are not safe in your own houses,, you can't speak the true word of islam out loud in anyway except the governmental way..
    don't ever criticize the western world until you have freedom and power in your home countries..
    people who do that better be ashamed of themselves, of their ignorance,,


  5. I never though of it this way before but now I understand why all these extremists live in the states and in Europe, cause the can't do it here!