06 November, 2006

The Real Fight

Someday, we the Muslims, are going to rule Rome, invade Europe and kill all the Jews. But hey, just a second now, doesn't that makes us also imperialistic? which is exactly the thing we're criticizing the americans and the west in general for doing right now?

The United States is the strongest power on earth, militarily or economically and nobody can argue with that. But, why do we think that superpowers always have to be fair with weaker countries, and arab countries in general are amongst the weakest in the world right now unfortunately. What benefit could the United States ever get in solving the Palestinian issue and kicking the Israeli's out of there? Anybody who thinks that a superior power is going to be fair to him and not look after its own benefit is only fooling himself and the only way to get your rights from it is by becoming a super power yourself, only then well your demands be met and you're going to be treated fairly.

One of my personal believes is that we are managing the palestinian issue very badly, mainly because our current leaders and policy makers are a bread that lived through some of the weirdest times on arab countries, they all have the attitude of not recognizing the other, unwillingness to open discussion and think that it is our faith to fight the Israelis and kill them all.

I don't like Israelis myself, but I've also always been against generalizing. I'm against the way we are taught in schools to hate Israelis, or Jews in general, and in my case I was even taught to hate everybody who didn't agree with the "salafi" way of interpreting Islam. You can't say that all Israeli's are criminals, they're all army reserves, but aren't all Egyptians too? or at least all the males? I think that some Israeli's, even those still active in the army have more moral fiber than we do. I don't know if any the story that some fighter jets pilots refused to bomb targets with civilian palestinians [1] [2] while our own leaders had no problem bombed us, their own citizens probably even the same religion, with chemical weapons. Was that Israeli pilots better human being that the people who executed the orders to bomb Halabdja with chemical weapons under the Iraqi regime? What about the Israeli peace activist? The ones who oppose their own government and sympathize with the palestinians? Why do we hear nothing about them? What about the americans who travel all the way to Israel to show their support for the palestinian people and get killed, and if you never heard about it, and you probably didn't just look up the story of Rachel Corrie, an american peace activist who was killed by an Israeli Bulldozer.

It makes me laugh when I read in the Egyptian newspapers that the Israeli president is going to be prosecuted for sexual harassment, at least he's going to be prosecuted! The highest figure in the Israeli government is going to be stripped of his immunity because of this and prosecuted, I don't think anything like that is nearly going to happen in Egypt. Have you no shame writing about other peoples flaws and forgetting our own?

Why is it the dream of every arab to kill all the jews in the world?
How do we say that jews and christians had their best days in the world when they were living in the Islamic state when you see now the way we treat our own Christian citizens? And why did we kick all the jews out of Egypt when abdulnasser was ruling? Are all the jews in the world responsible for whats happening in palestine? Is it really the dream of all the jews to have their own country in Palestine?

When I was reading "ra2fat al-haggan" novel, there is a part that stopped me and made me think a lot, when ra2fat was on the ship going to Europe and the young jews were with him and he didn't believe that they were not going to Israel, he actually had to convince some of them to go with him!

Did anybody know that most Jews actually oppose having their own country because according to their faith this would be the end of their faith? Don't you think that we are the victims of a propaganda machine that is still working today?

Do you really think that 5 million jews could manipulate the policy of the United States? How, money? Don't we have filthily rich arab people too? why don't we use them to control the states ourselves? Why do american politicians give a lot of care to the Jews and ignore the arab constituents? Its because arabs in the states are a mirror of the state of arabs themselves in their own countries, divided.

The palestinian issue is not the cause of our troubles, its because of our failure that we have a palestinian issue. And the only way to solve it is to hold back the spending on militarization, because honestly, do you think we are going to fight any time soon? and fight the real fight, the fight against injustice on our own people by our own leaders, the fight against poverty, the fight against illiteracy, the fight for our own freedom, only then, when we are a nation that respects itself that we can demand respect from others, only then that we can solve the Palestinian issue.

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  1. Welcome to the blogsphere. Your post gives me hope for a better world. We're all fed propaganda and the moment we rise above it we start seeing for ourselves.